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50 States, Day 272

  Davenport to Pine Island,  173 miles

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.  Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."
~Pamela Vaull Starr

We woke to thick fog- probably normal for Floridians, but quite weird for us desert rats. And no, we're not riding in it. Plus we need to dry out the tent, inside and out. And the best way to dry it out? Patience. However, it was no trouble and we left in full sun at 11:30. 

And what a sunny day indeed. This day, 80 degrees and clear, was probably the nicest day since August. No wind, except one time a huge blast hit us out of nowhere. Weird too. 

Riding through inland Florida brings few ahhs or visions of grandeur, although everything grows here. Throw a seed on the ground and leave it alone and you've got an eighty foot tall palm tree. One highlight of the trip was two dogs ambling onto the highway. Being in the outside lane, I knew there was a truck beside me- or was it behind me? I wheeled to the right and stayed in my lane, honking at the dogs as we flew past. I don't know what happens when a 50 mph bike hits a sixty pound dog, but it can't be good. Once again, thanks for your prayers!

We rolled into Pine Island and found the KOA there. Oh, my. Beautiful, with RVs nestled in between lakes. (Don't you like the word 'nestled'? Sounds like a Realtor word.) And the lake views were breathtaking. (Another Realtor word). In fact, people everywhere would look at the lake and gasp for breath. One guy passed out, the view was so nice.   

Anyway, they hooked us up, near a restroom and clubhouse, complete with exercise equipment and a flat screen TV with more than two channels. And for twenty- five bucks, Mr. and Mrs. Cheap were quite happy, a real value. 

But the sun went down, temperatures plummeted, and the skeeters came out. We hotfooted it into the trailer and hunkered down, behind out nice screens and nylon, with the little heater blasting away. 

And now, after enjoying a wonderful day, but sounding a bit weary of the trip, Quilter Girl!

Today was an awesome weather day, after the fog dissipated.  Mr. Sun is alive and well and hanging out in Florida, sorry for the rest of you!  I have been trying to decide why I am so uninterested about doing things and have decided that I am ready to go home.  I will continue on and am trying to regain a second wind. Tonight we are camped by a small lake with a crazy bird serenading us with no highway noise.  Could life be better?

Tomorrow, Ft. Myers, including Edison and Ford's summer home tours, plus some touring. See you then!


Mel said...

For those scoring at home, today is day 274. Your adventure is 75% completed, so you only have 25% to go. Congratulations! Hang in there!
Remember, you MUST do this for the kids... you know, Libby and what's-her-name, the sewing machine. No pressure, but they're counting on you to finish in style!

Mel said...

Ethyl! That's it... Ethyl! Please don't tell her I forgot her name... again!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

It must be difficult for you... Living your life... Knowing, somewhere out there is a sewing machine that hates you.

Karla Akins said...

Kevin, this is awesomeness! Love this. I've subscribed so I can travel with you. I ride, too. :-) (I found you via your comment on my blog.)

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Wonderful Karla, welcome to the club. As they say, you don't have to be crazy, but it helps!

Delena Millener said...

That scooter with a mini trailer looks so cute! I wonder where can that be used? In the park probably? It looks more of a toy to me. I'd love to have something like that and play it with my kids!

Delena Millener

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Delena, I'm pretty sure it's Photo Shopped, but it sure is cute. I just don't want to see one on the freeway!