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50 States, Day 273

Ft. Myers,  71 miles

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
~Thomas Edison

"I will build a motorcar for the great multitude... so low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to afford one."
~Henry Ford

Fort Myers features the Edison and Ford winter retreats, an intriguing look into the lives of two of the most influential men in the history of innovation. Edison boasts over a thousand patents including numerous ones for phonographs, the incandescent light bulb, batteries, and Portland cement. Ford didn't invent cars, not by a long shot, but succeeded in making them affordable for the masses. He was responsible for myriad innovations to make automobiles user friendly too. 

Ford worked for Edison but resigned to make a quadracycle, like a bicycle only with four wheels. Meanwhile the Euros got the jump on him. However, Ford took it to a new level, making affordable cars, and the Model T sold over 15 million ... um, models. 

After Ford ceased working for Edison, they kept in contact and both worked together on numerous projects, particularly growing a tree that would produce rubber, ending our dependence on foreign sources. They enjoyed very limited success, and with the advent of synthetic rubber, the mission became moot. 

But they worked on it at Fort Myers, and what remains from those experiments are massive, gorgeous trees throughout their properties. Ford looked to Edison as a mentor and they both worked and played together at their adjacent winter places in Fort Myers. 

The tour was captivating, as the museum allowed one to see into the creativity, the genius and the innovation of those two men. That period of history took man to unprecedented levels as the time saw the emergence of automobiles, lighting, air travel, communication and conveniences unheard of in times past, with Ford and Edison playing key roles.

Back on the scooter for us and we rode through Florida in sunshine and warm weather, enjoying the views and culture. 
And now, a lot smarter about cars and light bulbs (and phonographs and Portland cement), Quilter Girl!

Today was a great day in paradise as we woke up to squawking of numerous birds in the trees around our little tent.  The sound was not like any other as these birds don't sing, they squawk as they swoop from branch to branch or dive into the water for a nice swim.  We enjoyed this place until noon, finally leaving to tour the winter homes.  

We took a different way back and found Rib City, a chain of BBQ restaurants that we haven't tried.  It was a great find, great sauces with tender meat.  Kevin had his favorite, pulled pork, while I had a sloppy sandwich.  It was like a sloppy joe with a sweet, tangy sauce on it.  Yum!  It was a bit cool on the ride back, the sky pink and orange with a huge, low, full moon hanging in the sky.  What a sight. Now we are relaxing in the tent with the heat on enjoying the evening sounds of the campground and no freeway noise.  This is a great place.


Tomorrow, tune in for Church Surch and The Week in Pictures, and find out who's The Stupidest Idiot of The Entire Trip.

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