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50 States, Day 271

  The Magic Kingdom

"Get a good idea, and stay with it. Dog it and work at it until it's done, and done right."
~Walt Disney

Disney World is like a hot water heater. It worked so well from the start that it needs few changes to keep doing its job so well. After fifty years, so much of original Disneyland remains, and almost everything new makes it better. I'm sure clever people weighed their options: Kill the submarines? (yes). The Carousel of Progress? (Keep it). Add Monsters Inc Laugh Floor? (Yes. Great Job!) Create Stitch's Great Escape? (Yes, but a swing and a miss, sorry.) 

Disney leads the theme park wars by miles. They do so many things right. Tonight we were treated to the Electric Light Parade. If you haven't seen it, it's almost a spiritual experience. Floats decorated with bright lights drifted past, displaying the tales and fables from decades of stories. And for a few minutes, we believe. The wooden puppet could become a boy, the slipper would fit you, and if you had to, you could slay a dragon. Finally, after a wonderful parade of dreams and fantasies, the final float cruised by in a red, white and blue illuminated American flag with an enormous bald eagle on it. And because everything had been done so well, we felt great.

And proud to be an American. 

Oh it wasn't over yet. Next we moved to below the castle, and it became a movie screen, where Tinker Bell flew up it, flames shot up the sides, a rocket launched up one turret, and Disney characters acted up on the walls. The castle by itself is an architectural phenomenon. Countless times I had to stop taking photos of it, as I'd shot so many. But tonight it came alive like nothing I'd ever seen before. At last it ended and became 'just' a beautiful castle, changing colors from deep purple to turquoise, green and amber. 

Finally they shot off fireworks to music. Once again, Disney cleared the bar and reset it so high, others pale in comparison. Gorgeous fireworks shot over the castle, shooting stars and white explosions of light, cascading to earth and fading out, to be replaced with crimson and blue blasts of flames turning and falling like water, as the castle lit up green and blue. 
Disney delivered, and the sprit of Walt Disney can be felt, the spirit of family, adventure, fantasy and beauty throughout the park. 

And now, satisfied and happy from the Happiest Place on Earth, Quilter Girl!

Another great day at Disney!  We started in Tomorrowland, the one place we didn't have time for yesterday.  We rode the people movers, laughed at the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, and Stitch's Great Escape.  Then wandered around and took in some favorites again, Hall of Presidents, Pirates and the Haunted Mansion.  I did the Grandma thing and got a couple things for the babies.  The Disney people are doing so much right.  We could hardly move after the fireworks with so many people leaving.  Yet we walked out and headed for my favorite ferry and with just a few minutes delay were heading to the parking lot.  There was no traffic issue on the way out either.  The fireworks were over at 8:20 or so and we were back to the tent by 9:35.  Not bad for being shoulder to shoulder with all those people at the fireworks with a 30 minute drive here.


Tomorrow, we hit the road again, bound for... we're not sure yet. Probably Ft. Meyers. 

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