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50 States, Day 270

The Magic Kingdom

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
~Walt Disney

Do you ever have a defining moment, a clear memory of exactly where you were, what happened, and how you felt about it? In 1969 I walked into Disneyland with my buddy Mike Crumpacker and my folks onto Main Street, USA and couldn't believe it. What a magical place. And in '69 it was one of a few theme parks in the world. 

Today we entered Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, and the same feeling hit me. 'This is truly a marvelous place.' Gotta love Disney. 

QG and I acted like kids and took in the park, riding everything they had for us; Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, Jungle Cruise with all their corny jokes, and a myriad of other rides. One was missing in action; Splash Mountain down for refurbishing, and a few have gone away, like (brace yourself) the Matterhorn, Star Tours, and the Indiana Jones Adventure. Probably too many injuries! 

Main Street teemed with people, yet short lines, such as none at Pirates, fifteen minutes at the Haunted Mansion, and twenty or so on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We found the crowds however, at Fantasyland. Kids. Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid? Thirty minutes. And Enchanted Tales With Belle, forty -five minutes, which we felt it wasn't worth the wait. Just didn't have the pop of most Disney features. 

And we can't forget the parade! Excellent floats, costumes, songs and dance. A bit short, but they're supposed to leave you wanting more and they did. 

I'll let you call me a geezer too, as I admit I enjoyed The Enchanted Tiki Room and Small Small World. Both just put a smile on my face. And somehow, the Small Song didn't stick in my head until I wanted to kill myself, a bonus. 
Is The Hall of Presidents new? Awesome. At the end, the back curtain opened up and they introduced animatronics of every president. Really a great tribute and it makes you proud to be an American. Even Mr. Tough Guy got a bit choked up. 

And surprise, Libby liked it today. We parked her with her friends in a motorcycles only parking area, and no sport bikes made fun of her. In fact, an old Honda Valkerie treated her real nice. 

And now, fully entertained, Quilter Girl!

My day was made in the very beginning when we were heading for the monorail and found (gasp) a ferry to the Magic Kingdom.  I love ferryboats, so I was giggling like a little kid.  A great start for a great day.  We've been married 38 years and went to Disneyland for our honeymoon, so it is a very special place for us.  The crowds, people walking in front of you or worse, stopping dead in the middle of the road are tiresome, but I never get tired of the Magic Kingdom.  We will spend another day there tomorrow and hope my feet last.  


Tomorrow, more Magic Kingdom. See you then.



Mel said...

Glad you enjoyed the Magic Kingdom, in spite of it being such a Mickey Mouse operation.

Russ Milko said...

you and QG are having TOO MUCH FUN...we need you back on the road to finish this trip within the deadline.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Funny. They say, "It all started with a mouse." Amazing.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

And tomorrow, we hit the road again.