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50 States, Day 191

  50 States, Day 191 Dover, 30 miles
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."
~Jeremiah 29:11

 A schizophrenic day, as we visited deep history and modern fun. First, the Capitol of Delaware, the first state. And they are proud of it!

The State House, built in 1933 during the Great Depression, replaced the smaller state house. Because of the economy, the building is constructed in a Georgian Revival style, much more austere than, actually, everything we've seen.

It compensates for the architecture with history. The governors go back to when they were called presidents, and served the Crown. For instance, David Pieterssen de Vries, who founded Swaanendael in Delaware in 1631. The walls contain three friezes too, of Washington crossing the Delaware, the pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock, and Columbus landing in the New World. And the Assembly Room featured a giant painting of George Washington. Delaware itself functioned a bit schizophrenic, as the North was abolitionist and the southern parts were pro slavery. Parts of the state were vital parts of the Underground Railroad.

Curiosity took us to the Old State House, even more humble. The brick and wood building featured a courtroom on the ground floor. Ready for some trivia? 3 judges ruled, one from each county. Which judge could be in charge? They decided to make the judge with the largest wig to be in control. Hence the phrase, 'the bigwigs.' Who would have thought?
The Senate and House were restored, complete with quill pens at the desks. Only the bigwigs (pun intended) were allowed on the floor, but commoners such as women, slaves, peasants, and kids could observe from the galleries, with no chairs. How convenient.

A few blocks away, where most of the government business took place before the State House came to be, stands The Golden Fleece Tavern. I'm sorry, I couldn't help my sarcastic mind racing, using the word 'fleece' with government in the same sentence. But taverns were common meeting places in the colonies before Independence.

Central Dover buildings match the old design, making for a quaint community. It seems like the brick lobby has had a lot of pull for the last 230 years. The word 'fleece' keeps floating around in my mind. I won't say what other things hang suspended in my gray matter.
Taking a hard right-I mean hard left turn, we rode to the Dover International Speedway, home of the Monster Mile. Perhaps we could score a tour. The place sat idle and vacant, so we cut through a blockade, a perfect example of the motorcycle's thin and nimble features. We rode to the entry for a shot in front of Miles the Monster, 46 feet tall, holding a full size NASCAR car and looking like he's going to toss it into the outside wall. A visible analogy of what the track can do to drivers. Actually, it looks like he's going to throw it on the bike. It withstood a hurricane, it can take ol' Miles.

We headed back to the motel, and sorry men, I OFFERED to go to the laundromat while QG took care of bills and business. I know, I should have watched football and drank beer. But since I don't drink beer and there wasn't any football on...anyway, my apologies. But we pull together for the common goal. I probably shouldn't mention watching Dancing With the Stars' either. Get me a skirt!

Speaking of skirts, here's Quilter Girl!

We are warm in a nice motel!  It is very cold outside now as it was today.  I was glad that the capitol was very close.  Kevin didn’t mention that we found our first Chick-Fil-A to eat lunch.  It was very good and very busy. Waffle fries were very good also. I could eat there more often!  It is fun to try these new chains that we haven't been exposed to.

A quilting report.  I got caught up on my 50 states quilt, only missing New York and New Hampshire mainly because I haven't found fabric for them.  I will keep looking.  I also made the rest of the 66 secondary blocks for my Irish chain quilt.  Next I will be putting together the 4 patch blocks.  It is coming together.  
Rain and cold predicted for Wednesday. It might snow.


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