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50 States, The Week in Pictures

50 States, The Week in Pictures, Week 27

 Working at the Channel 8 news desk. No suit, so sad.

 Calm and peaceful out West, while Sandy wreaks havoc to the far right.

I didn't try this. I'm going to get a surfing lesson in CA, and may do this too.

 Blogging at the airport while waiting for the nonexistent shuttle.

 The bike and trailer, not QG and me.

 What better reason to join a church than covered bike parking? And where are all the other bikes?

 It may be cold, but there is still beauty to be found.
First, a RANT on Econolodge.
You mean to tell me, after four days, Econolodge Central has no idea that their motel in Newark, post Sandy, is closed? Wouldn't you let Reservations know it's closed? I contacted Reservations four times during the week, as our flight got delayed, and no notification. We found out at midnight, standing in front of the place.  I throw Econolodge, not the motel, but the National Chain, down the subway stairway under water, and under the subway. Uber pathetic.
Southwest Airlines once again, kept us informed about flight delays and problems. They dropped the ball once when we tried to get our boarding passes, only to find the flight cancelled. Outside of that, they handled the trials with grace.
I've been in post disaster situations before, (Haiti earthquake, San Francisco earthquake, Northridge earthquake) and it is a spooky feeling. It feels like something, anything could set off a spark and people will go crazy. Very weird, uncomfortable feeling.
Funny how a hurricane changes fortunes. One motel is closed, another is fully booked. A gas station closed, another with a mile of people, at midnight,
waiting in line. Insurance adjusters and power linemen working out of town, overtime, another's job eliminated until repairs are made.
The election is over Tuesday and I can't wait. The worst political ads in history. It must work.
I've grown to love diners. Liver and onions. Turkey dinner. Meatloaf. Haven't done the meatloaf yet.
Thanks to Butch at the Super 8, who gave us a lucky Gremlin Bell, to keep the Gremlins away. Our friend Ofer gave us one at the Launch Party, but the highway ground it off when we crashed in Denver. Do you get the irony in that?
Not just one. Sportbike riders in California. They weave and jink between lanes and cut it really close. And while it is legal in California, they run between lanes in heavy traffic, too fast if you ask me. Now I sound old.
400,000,000​​ Eggs Denny's sells worldwide
37​​​        Miles of no vacancy motels Friday night in NJ
50​​​        States we have entered and exited
1​​        Time we have plugged the (PP!) Garbing gear into the
       ​​​bike. That is going to change
45-50​​​        Degrees, low and high since returning east
31​​​        Degrees, low tomorrow
2​​​        Other bikes we encountered yesterday
16​​​        Dollars a day for a rental car in CA
30​​​        Percent tax on the car rate
That's it! What a week. Thanks for following.



Mel Nason said...

So, Dennys sells 400,000,000 eggs worldwide? Well, eggscuse me for asking, and I don't mean to eggasperate you, but is that in a year, a month, a week, or a day? Oh, and one more question... is that an eggsxact number or an eggstimate? It sounds rather eggsorbitant to me!

Anonymous said...

BTW, your Channel 8 News Desk attire suits you just fine!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

400,000,000 eggs a year. Give or take, not eggsactly.
And I'm pretty sure Channel 8 News doesn't want me reading the news! I'd interject too many snide comments. Like, 'The suspect...that is, the slime eating criminal...'

702sandbagger said...

Talk about timing This storm.. you guys nailed it

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I think it was Divine Providence really. Unbelievable when I walked into that courtyard and the motel was dead, the roof tore up, and the roof over the stairway over the trailer completely gone, and the bike and trailer just fine. We left way before the storm, and didn't think about it, but parked it in a courtyard with two story buildings around all four sides, protecting it. If it was a wide open parking lot, I would have left it there, So it was really fortunate the bike was able to ride out that hurricane!