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50 States, Day 192

  50 States, Day 192 Dover to Lewes, 111 miles


"Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them."

~Vincent McNabb

 Since returning, we have taken care of logistical things to get caught back up: paying bills, laundry, getting everything back in place. So today I took the scooter to the bike shop. And a first, ladies and gentlemen. After getting services done all over the country, all through the summer, Diamond Honda, in Dover, in November, couldn't fit me in. For shame! Not even tomorrow. Barely dodging a grade of F, the service writer gave me the name of two other shops that might be able to help me. So Diamond gets a D. Imagine trying to get an oil change like that in your car. I headed back to the motel to get QG, and we'll go for a ride.

Who wants a city named Lewes? It sounds like lose. I know, it's certainly named after someone, but call it by his brother in law's name or something.Unless his name is Mahiggellywhitz. Nonetheless, we rode to Lewes today, a beach town not far from Dover.

The summer greens have given way to browns and gold. Except for the grass which seems to have maintained its color, the crops, tree and weeds have that deal look to them. And each day we see more trees that have lost all their leaves. No summer traffic, however. Everywhere we traveled the speed limit and today marks the first-we saw no other motorcycles on the road. Leaving the trailer behind makes the Gold Wing feel like a 250 too, with snappy acceleration and handling. Not as good as the R-6, oh no.

We arrived at the beach-empty too, and with good reason. It is freaking cold! We walked a half mile or so into the wind, jackets hats and Gerbing pants battling the elements. The wind picks up speed and drops a few degrees off the Atlantic. Yet the sand, ranging from packed coarse brown to powder snow beige, makes for pleasant scenery with the waves lapping the shoreline.

Thanks to Standard Time, we needed to head back when it seemed way too early, but arriving at a diner at 3, an hour for dinner and a short ride back, we're settled in before darkness and cold - er, colder-raises its ugly head. Since blogging about diner food Saturday, I decided to try the meatloaf. Delicious. The cole slaw? Well, I'm a cole slaw connoisseur, and the absolute best CS in the world, the standard that I hold all others to, is KFC's. And this is not even near the bar. The Colonel's is creamy and sweet. This was shredded cabbage. QG ordered a turkey wrap with cole slaw, guessed it. High and outside. But we enjoyed the time, read the local paper and the waitress was mega friendly.

And now...fully thawed...Quilter Girl!

It was a short day today, but we expected to have the morning swallowed up by having the bike serviced.  I enjoyed the luxury of finishing my book in bed this morning so was just getting dressed when Kevin came back after his fruitless journey.  Lewes, in spite of its name, was a very nice town.  I can imagine that it is packed in the summer with the endless sandy beach.  Maybe someday we will be able to come back and enjoy this part of the country in decent weather.  Thank goodness for our Gerbing gear!  


Tomorrow we launch, Northbound, to another bike shop that assured me (well, they are pretty sure if they have all the parts) they would service the Honda tomorrow. We'll see. And tomorrow afternoon should be the start of another

storm. I would whine, but we have no problem compared to those poor folks in Newark and New York.


Also, hats off to Mel Nason, illuminating Convoy of Hope, a support for the hurricane that was so proactive, they had trucks loaded and in place before the storm arrived. If you're looking for a good place to get help to the Sandy victims, check out



Anonymous said...

The bike did a great blog today. Enjoyed reading from a different point of view-most imaginative.


................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yeah, yeah the bike did a good blog, the dog did a good blog... I'm going to get a baby to ghost write for me! Excuse me while I call my therapist.