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50 States, Week 26

  Fifty States, 'The Week in Pictures' Week 26
"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."
~Edith Wharton

 Mother of twins, multitasking

 They look like they've ALL had too much to drink

 The babies' room, almost finished painting

For $600k, you can own a house like this, built in the 30's, 10 miles from the beach

 Not multitasking. Just two times a task

 Chillin' at Howard's place

Walk Like an Egyptian

The Deliverance Band, with pumpkins
And now for our weekly
0           ​       Miles least, on the Gold Wing
2,780,000   ​ Population of San Diego. On Friday nights, every one of ​​them is on the freeways
61​     ​ Dollars a night at the Howard Johnson motel
4.16 ​     ​         Dollars a gallon for regular gas. I usually get gas when ​​I'm irregular
2,483​     ​         Diapers a week, for twins. An estimate
4​     ​         Items on HJ's 'continental breakfast.' Milk, Frosted Flakes, coffee, sweet rolls
27​     ​ States visited
1           ​         First Halloween parade. Getting to be a big holiday.
This week's competition-and it felt like a NASCAR race-included multiple possible winners. Competition was intense. But the driver that changed lanes in front of me-one of dozens-and left a gasp of space between our bumpers before launching ahead to slide in front of another, wins the prize. He had plenty of company this week.
California is a gorgeous state, but with a price. Traffic, uber expensive housing, and high cost of living (not to mention taxes and regulations) make for a high price tag. But watching the sun dip over the horizon and slide into a bright orange slit with the sky reflecting its glory is magnificent.

This is the view from Nick and Kim's place.
Beaches, bike riding, surfing...for many it is worth it. And the weather. We're enjoying 80 degree comfort while watching hurricane Sandy heading for New Jersey on Monday, when we fly back. Perfect. Back to the drivers. They are aggressive, but good. I think it's a matter of survival.

Congratulations to Issouf Sani Illo, my son in law, who passed his written driver's test on his sixth attempt! He tried to take the test in English (his third language), French (his second language), verbally, and written. I claim half the credit as I took him to the test. On the way he said something like this, "Previous tests, I answered the questions the way Amy would drive." No wonder he failed. Don't get so superior. Insert your name where Amy's was.

A ship sits 300 yards from shore and sucks sand up, pumps it to shore, and two D8 dozers blade it off for beach restoration. Amazing. Wonder what that costs?  Funny, California doesn't count for the 50 States yet, and we've been here twice.

See you tomorrow for our Church Surch when we do another unprecedented thing and revisit New Break Church. Stay tuned and thanks for following.



Mel Nason said...

You said you usually get gas when you're irregular. Well... me, too! But I also become irregular when I see the price of gas, if you catch my drift.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yes. The price of gas gives me leg cramps. I mean, gas.