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50 States Church Surch, Week 27

  50 States Church Surch, Week 27 New Break Church
"Give glory to God: we know that this man is a sinner."
He therefore answered, "Whether he is a sinner I know not but one thing I know, that I was blind, but now I see."
... And they cast him out of the synagogue.
~John 9:24-25, 34

 Because technically we're not on the Adventure at this time (although it is an adventure), I decided to revisit New Break Church again. Plus, in a clever marketing method they offered a free book to second time visitors, 'The Case For Faith' by Lee Strobel. It worked to get Mr. Cheap back inside the building. Plus, I love New Break. Great church.

I parked in the Guest Parking spot so the red flags would go up, but nobody attacked me, which is actually rather nice. I stopped by the Visitor's Kiosk and met Dana, a very nice lady who gave me the 411 on New Break. She's been attending for two years.
One brochure listed Life Groups. I love groups, whatever name you give them; home groups, small groups, house groups, whatever. And I've been in some groups that have been really great, pretty good, most excellent, okay, a bad fit, terrible, and mediocre. If you can find a most excellent group, you will be blessed. But you need to search. You have to kiss a lot of toads to get your prince. Like that.

They offer 17 women's groups and 4 men's. Irritating. Don't get me started on passive men. And they have couples' groups. Many groups study books or the Bible, but others are for social issues.  Financial Peace, divorce recovery, premarriage and marriage groups help folks in a plethora of different places. Best title for a Life Group? The Gaps Between the Naps, for young mothers. And there are groups for motorcyclists, bicyclists, sailors, walking, and QG found a quilt group too. Seems like great ways to work out one's walk with others. Today's worship once again was a good tool to connect us with The Lord. And the worship leader, in a wonderful bit of honesty, referred to the not so inspiring morning which started his day. I appreciate that.

They ran a mission video as they work in Tijuana, which is practically next door, to help children of prostitutes. There are 6,000 registered prostitutes there, and countless others, who work in Mexico and the USA. Many have drug issues and kids and neglect them, so the church comes in and takes care of the kids. It sounded really intriguing. During the five minute break, I screwed up my courage and met Jessica, who was a second time visitor too. She sounded like this might be a church for her. Another pastor preached today, DJ, another cancer victim. Let's take a hard right turn on shaved heads. I consider the shaved head to be the 21st century answer to the 20th century comb over. Remember Dad or Grandpa, who parted his hair just over his ear and flapped over a nine inch long carpet of hair over his bald spot? The shave is
the same thing. Seriously. If I'm shaved, you can't see my receding hairline. Men, embrace your baldness! God intended men to have hair. Okay, receding hair.  Sorry. Back to church.

DJ preached on truth. He played a video that highlighted (or lowlighted) a moment of truth. In a college football game, a Kent State defender picked up a fumble and ran downfield...the wrong way! The vid shows his shock as he learned he ran the wrong way. This highlighted the Ask Question for the sermon: 'How awkward of a moment will it take for me to be able to see the truth?' This fascinated me, as the Kent State guy ran the wrong way, two of his team mates blocked for him and two opponents tackled him. Apparently they cannot think outside the tackle box. A great study in sociology. But the question that Pilate asked Jesus rang through my mind: 'What is truth?’

I just finished reading 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' and their 'truth' was you just had to have slavery to compete in the cotton and textile markets. And while slavery isn't really good, it isn't my problem. So, what is our untruth, or mine or yours? The sermon really made me think. Am I, are you, willing to hear the truth? And then change?

We exited to the bright sunshine and warm weather. I could get used to this church, this weather, this culture. Okay, maybe not. I went to the Guest Services Kiosk to acquire my book and met Orita, a nice lady who wanted to know how best to contact me. I told her to check my address. Oh well. So three women and no men for conversation today. This keeps up and I'm going to do a big Rant on passive men. Just a mini rant: I hate passive men.

Another two thumbs up for New Break Church.


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