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50 States, Day 152

50 States Day 152, Bucksport to Mt. Desert Island and around, 85 Miles
"Decide whether or not the goal is worth the risk involved.  If it is, stop worrying."
~Amelia Earhart

 Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! First place by a long shot, Spring Fountain Motel's shower. Best Shower of The far. 

I know, it looks...humble, but this shower is old school. Fire it up and it crushes you against the far wall, as you struggle to return to adjust the temperature. Exfoliating skin is hurled away along with loose hair, jewelry, or body parts that aren't attached firmly. This baby was a fire hose, awesome. And for you environmental people, I returned all the water.

We headed out to Acadia National Park (the locals call it a 'pahk’). Like 'Bah Hahbah' is how they pronounce Bar Harbor. If I talk to them too much I may need an interpreter.

Maine resembles Minnesota with tides. Plenty of trees, lakes and rivers. Beautiful rolling hills that the locals call 'mountains.' Like Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak along the Atlantic seaboard, at a whopping 1,500 feet and change. We climbed it today, using nothing but tennis shoes, a couple of bottles of liquid and a Gold Wing.

The view was breathtaking. QG and I needed to take turns pounding each other on the chest as we beheld the panorama. The view should come with a warning:
‘Heimlich maneuver viewpoint.' 

Lots of rock formations at our feet, trees with young autumn colors to break things up, and sea with islands mixed it up to provide breathta- I mean, really great views. Even at that pathetic elevation, the wind whipped and cool air stung our cheeks. We followed the loop road and winds retreated while temps climbed, making for a pleasant ride. While most of the trees haven't figured out its autumn yet, spots of vibrant color dot the landscape.

With light waning, we headed for a restaurant, and found The Chart Room, a family restaurant. I think a family restaurant should include fire extinguishers or Spring Fountain Motel showers to blast the children back to their seats. Not my children. Yours. Where did the rules change where kids can run around restaurants like banshees? Actually the kids acted well, but cloth napkins and tablecloths?... Keep the kids locked in the car and risk a felony conviction, I say. I elected to order lobster while QG (she hates all seafood) ordered teriyaki chicken. I'm not really a lobster fan ever since a health consultant said that lobsters are underwater cockroaches. Well, they look like them. But we're in Maine, so why not?

To my surprise, Larry the Lobster arrived at my table in his entirety. I twisted and pulled, picked and probed. The food tasted pretty good. But the entire event carried with it a bit of revulsion. I hadn't eaten lobster in ten years, and probably will give it another ten. Although I must try lobster rolls. The meat minus the wrestling match. QG reported her meal to be forgettable. We enjoyed awesome views of the water and trees however.

Tomorrow, more of Acadia National Park tomorrow.

Once again for you reading pleasure...Quilter Girl!

Sunshine and blue skies today, how great is that?  No free breakfast at our motel, so we headed to the local McDonalds for our Sausage McMuffins and found...Bingo!  Thursday at 10 or so is Bingo day at the Bucksport Mickey D's.  The place was packed with "age challenged people" and there was a table of prizes, exciting things like a roll of paper towels and bottles of Arizona Iced Tea.  One lady climbed onto a high stool and started calling numbers.  What a riot.  Maine is truly a wonderful state.



Mel Nason said...

I love showers that blast you with water like you're standing under a waterfall... that is, if it's a HOT waterfall!

NOW... if only Fountain Springs would use some of that fountain spring water to clean the toilet!
If you had put the lid down like you were supposed to, we wouldn't have noticed!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

The fountain has been dead since the seventies, it looks like. I left the lid up to enjoy looking at some sparkling water.