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50 States, Day 153

50 States, Day 153 Lighthouse, Bar Harbor  69 Miles

"You're only young once, but you can be immature forever."  

For the first time this trip, we visited a lighthouse. Somehow we missed them all in Washington Alaska, Minnesota, Wisconsin... So today we made it a point to visit one on the south side of Mt. Desert Island. 

And what a disappointment. First, one cannot get close to said lighthouse. Second, because it's being refurbished, most of it lies beneath scaffolding. However, the viewpoint and landscape more than made up for our inconvenience. Granite rock outcrops stacked above the water, topped with pine tree forests. Boats sailed and motored about and a buoy bell rang in the distance.

We spotted wildlife too. A school? Gaggle? Herd? of Homo Sapiens groomed themselves and sunned on the rocks. They looked to be native to the area. None harmed us. They seemed pretty friendly. One informed us that Portland (Maine, not Oregon) features a nice lighthouse that is open for tourists. We may just do that. 

Other enthusiasts make for great tour guides. "Be sure to go to Cadillac Mountain. Awesome views.""That bridge has a viewing tower in the center of it. You don't want to miss it." Much better, unbiased, and clear than a tour book or Internet.
After quite some time of chatting up new friends from Australia, Virginia, Maine and numerous other spots, we headed to Bar Harbor. 

Bikers, let me tell you, Maine makes for great riding. Winding roads with trees lining either side are commonplace, with harbors and beaches offering a pleasant change of scenery.

BH does tourism well. Two cruise ships disgorge thousands (literally) of people, both to conquer Bar Harbor and climb onto busses to gawk at landscapes. The shops sit side by side hawking t-shirts, art and lobster. We parked the bike and spoke to more trip enthusiasts, then meandered cow- like through the city. Funny, we met people we'd seen from days before in other tourist traps. 

After a few hours of window shopping- okay, QG got in a few stores and we bought a couple of things- we headed for a bar and restaurant for some chow. I decided to try Lobster Rolls. Surprise, Lobster Rolls is lobster salad on a... um, roll. Delicious, nonetheless. QG enjoyed Chipotle Chicken Mac and Cheese. Maine seems big on the macaroni, and QG reluctantly said it tasted better than hers. Believe, me, that's mighty good. I got a taste too and wow, it was tasty.

As predicted, the clouds built and rain pattered dots on the sidewalk, a sign that it was time to head home. Back to the bike and we met more friends, enjoyed more wonderful conversations, then headed out in search of a grocery store. Found one no sweat, shopped and put on rain gear, then headed home the wrong way. QG stopped me and we u- turned and rode through the light rain. Supposed to rain a half inch tonight. Raining pretty steady on the tent now. Chances are good we'll break camp with a wet tent. If the weatherman predicts correctly, we'll see some nice weather. On Wednesday. Tomorrow we turn this trip southward.

Once again, she's on some kind of a roll... Quilter Girl!

Bar Harbor is a very pretty town in a very pretty state.  There are lots of boats in the harbor, which is in a bay surrounded by islands.  It makes for a really nice setting.  The town has great shopping, except no quilt store, what a disappointment for me, not Kevin.  I did try his patience with a couple of art galleries and lusted after some inexpensive lighthouse pictures.  It is hard living in a tent.  My one purchase was a sea glass necklace.  I remember picking up sea glass on the beach when I was a kid so this one, wrapped in silver, brings back lots of memories. 


Mel Nason said...

Don't let the bane of the rain in Maine cause your enthusiasm to wane.

Mel Nason said...

... or cause you to feign going insane!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Doesn't the rain in Maine stay mainly on the plain? Why do I want to go watch a musical?