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50 States, Day 151

50 States, Day 151 Augusta to Bucksport, 122 Miles
"To the critic who decries a project as a worthless folly, something that didn’t work out, something that challenged the status quo and failed, the artist might ask, “Is it better to do nothing?”
-Seth Godin

Maine hit us with schizophrenia today, as Wednesday became yang to Tuesday's yin. Raindrops beat a tap dance on the tent, waking us and giving us a prelude to the upcoming day. The tent roof always accentuates the sound, making us wonder if we're in a real rainfall when actually the precipitation is rather light.

We decided to keep moving today, so ate breakfast inside, then broke camp and launched to Augusta for a visit of the state's capitol.

This building forces the lower caste-I mean, the peasants-rather, the citizens-to use the rear entrance. The front isn't used at all. Why go to the expense of building a magnificent entry and bring people inside the back door? After a good strip search-my boots have a lot of metal in them-we were allowed inside the building.

The state house of Maine appears much plainer than most states, missing much copper, gold and marble. While the building wears granite walls and marble floors, the walls, cornices and ceilings lack the punch of stenciling and stained glass. Paintings of heroes adorn the walls, yet Maine has yet to send a person to the White House. They came so close with the vice-president to Abraham Lincoln during his first term. Do you know his name? Me either. It was Hannibal Hamlin. He was dropped from the ticket for Lincoln's second term, replaced by Andrew Johnson.

Another person of note was Joshua Chamberlain, a college professor who volunteered to serve in the military during the Civil War at the age of 32. He fought in over 24 battles, and led his troop in the battle of little Round Top, the second day of Gettysburg in 1863. He accepted Lee's sword at the surrender of the South in 1865.

Numerous others line the walls, along with flags that appear to be in good repair. Upon closer inspection, they are reproductions. Fine with us, as we can look at them, in the light, without the guilt. 

While I admire some austerity, the building is forgettable, low on the list of state houses.

We headed east and soon donned rain gear, the skies delivering what they promised all morning.

Another yang today was the trees. Today, while few in number, vibrant reds, golds and yellows stood in contrast to the green and gave us a peek at the glory to come. Can't wait. Would love to post photos of that, however, the setting on the camera gave us streaks of color like a Picasso painting behind an aircraft engine.

The third yang comes with my apologies to the state of Maine for insulting your roads. The reason they don’t skirt the ocean is because the shoreline juts in and out, with peninsulas, canals and inlets fighting for position. Following the shoreline with a road would be an exercise in folly and frustration. We'll ride content with intermittent views of ocean beauty.

As we neared Bucksport, a huge suspension bridge loomed over the trees, an anomaly that we certainly didn't expect. Riding on the deck, the suspension hangs in the center, the lanes cantilevered out either side. Makes one wonder if a convoy of loaded trucks crossed one way and no one drove the other...yet it provided a stable surface, QG content except for the side winds.

Because of the weather, we hunted for a motel and found Spring Fountain Motel, named after a fountain that quit decades ago. We somehow gravitate to sketchy joints. However, the yang to that yin was dinner from the owner's recommendation.
McLeod's Steakhouse in town featured some great dishes, and when in Rome...I ordered grilled haddock topped with cheese, herbs and lobster. Oh, my. This made the Top Ten, not of the trip, but of my life. Incredible. The fish, flaky and moist, sat beneath melted cheese with the lobster as a garnish. Best dish of the trip, so far. QG ordered a hamburger and french fries. You'd have to ask her why, except she hates fish.

Once again, QG awaits, her fingers ready to grace you with eloquence. Without
further ado...Quilter Girl!

Our trip to San Diego must have been really good for me as I am okay with the cloudy, windy weather.  It was only nine miles to Augusta so no rain gear for that distance.  As Kevin mentioned this capitol was rather plain.  We had no
information on the cost, but it came in cheaper than some of the others we have seen.  Today I tried so hard to get a good picture of the beautiful fall colors but the grey skies just don't make them pop.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, so I will try again.  



Mel Nason said...

The State Capitol building forcing everyone to use the rear entrance reminds me of the church bulletin blooper that stated, "Low Self-Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7pm. Please use back door."

Pam said...

US capitol enter through the basement

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yeah! I want to run in and yell, "I am someone! Open the front door!" However, they would put me in the back door...of a police cruiser.