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50 States Day 4: Day Tripping'

Day 4 135 miles "Defeat is not defeat unless accepted as a reality in your own mind." ~Bruce Lee We stayed two nights in the campground and went touring to the Hill Aerospace Museum. What a magnificent display of planes, from a wooden biplane made by the Wrights to a Stealth bomber. Amazing the plethora of different aircraft to perform myriad duties. Some fly supersonic plus speeds, and some carry tanks and troops. Even a few Cessnas and Beechcraft were conscripted by the Air Force. Next we headed to Antelope Island, which is teeming with... You guessed it, bison! Yes, the antelope have gone and the bison graze on, wandering around the place like they own it. The island gives beautiful views of the mountains above SLC, and they reflect off the 'Dead Sea of America.' The island is covered with yellow grasses and rock, a developed taste. The South end offers a ranch with horses one can rent and ride throughout the area. Not for me, and Quilter Girl ain't never doing that! Riding back to the campsite was a casual time, knowing we didn't have to set up tonight. I think we may see more satellite rides where we find a home for a few days and tour from there. Now I just battle with the blog, the photos and the posting. Almost had pictures tonight, but no. I need to memorize Bruce Lee's quote!

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Jeff said...

Hey Kevin. What city? I am geographically challeged. SLC to ??