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50 States Day 3

Day 3 230 miles, Richfield to Salt Lake City,Utah. "When you get to a fork in the road, take it." ~Yogi Berra A yard maintenance truck passed me on I-40 and his tire sounded funny. I glanced over to see a super low rear tire on his trailer. Just as he cleared me, it shredded. Pieces of rubber scattered like leaves. 'Tink!' A piece glanced off my helmet. I looked left and changed lanes to avoid any more carnage. The truck slowed and pulled over. QG missed the entire incident, as it happened so quickly while she fiddled with the camera. Gotta keep alert. Plenty of deer signs today too. Today we stopped and toured Park City. I like PC much better than Vail or Aspen. Way less snotty. There's a much slimmer chance of seeing a guy strolling down the sidewalk with his sweater tied around his neck. It's not entirely snotty deficient, but much better. The town took pains to rebuild and rehabilitate the old buildings with historic restoration in mind. Being a contractor, I shuddered at the mess one would have upgrading those old dumps. Besides a great ski resort, PC teems with kitchy shops. "I think the quilt square for Utah will be orangy red. Just like the dirt." Quilter Girl nailed the color. Utah boasts of bright orange red soil. We broke two commandments today, as we rode on two freeways and landed in Salt Lake City, which we decided to avoid the big ones. However, it is a capitol, so that wins out. Today I spent an hour trying to connect the iPad to the KOA WiFi. Finally I just used our Hotspot. And once again, no pictures. When I tried to load them I got an error report that red, "Error. Captcha required." Okay, what is that? How would I know? I'm ready to go to the nearest Apple store and hire a kid to ride along in the trailer to help me with this stupidity. I am ready to throw this iPad in a lake. So frustrating! If anyone knows what "Captcha required" means, I would appeciate your input. I've never gotten this message before. Apple Schmapple. A comment: I believe we are in the Dark Ages of computers. Think about cars. Remember when your car had two spares and a crank? Of course you don't but your Grandpa does. Mom (If she could drive the car at all) had to know how to work the choke, and perhaps change a tire. And service stations checked the oil every time you gassed, because engines leaked and burned so much of it. Now no one gets flats, and most people can't even open their hood and that's a good thing, because the cars are so painless to operate. Not so with computers. One must know about virus protection,spyware, and must practically know computer code to operate them. How many times have we lost an entire document due to a simple mistake... or no error? And have you ever seen the Blue Screen Of Death? That's my point. Computers have come a long way, but they have a long way to go. Meanwhile I'll struggle to refrain from sending this Apple for a bobbing.

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Pam said...

day three ... Done(and very irratationg..opps I meant Entertaining ha! :)