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Day 5

Day 5, 0 Miles!
 "Live your life so that whenever you lose, you are ahead." ~Will Rogers.

 Did you know that 35% of Salt Lake Citizens (what else can you call them?) are Mormons? And 70% of Utahans (okay, Utahites?) are LDS. I would have thought more would be in SLC. No matter, they put their best foot forward. Well tended gardens are complemented by well groomed people. The building dazzle with quality and design. Larry, dressed in a suit, struck up a conversation with us. Okay he proselytized us. They are trained well, and we thrusted and parried for fiteen minutes or so. Maybe I'll consider Mormonism. Okay, maybe not.

However, the church grows exponentially, and no doubt due at least in part, to their selling skills. A bride emerges and greets family and friends. She's wearing a bautiful white gown that's modest, unlike the 'slut bride' outfits we see in Vegas. Are they everywhere else but SLC?

The Capitol building sits on a hill above Mormon Square, and they should be closer together. After all, Brigham Young acted as both governor and head of the church. Didn't the founding fathers creat a non church run state? Just asking.

City Creek Mall, to the South, blends natural beauty (manufactured natural beauty) with shops. A beautiful place to wander, but I'm afraid they want me to shop there. Horrors!

Well, we blew it today. The shuttle van was due to pick us up in 15 minutes, so we wandered into the museum where we met Marilyn. She is passionate. We enjoyed a 12 minute whirlwind tour of the museum and fine artwork. We have a year! All we needed to do was skip the van, enjoy an hour of beauty and inspiration in the museum, and catch the next van. Silly us. Still wound a bit tight. That may take some time to unwind.
The picure dilemma drags on. I emailed Blog Docs with the question of how to install Captcha on the app. Blogger, wonderful program that it is, won't let me ask a question. Somehow I have to be approved. Wonderful. I'm getting a flock of carrier pigeons and a pencil.

And another: I am a writer. I post this blog and do my best to use proper spelling and punctuation. Now when I post, there are no indents. Apparently Blogger just jams it all together. My humblest apologies. If I could fix this I would.

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