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50 States Day 31

Laramie to Jackson, WY   380 miles

Yesterday we met Mike and Laura  Moncur, who drive a Prius and tow a teardrop trailer. Remember them (not Mike and Laura, the teardrops!) from the 80's? They bought one, refurbished it and camp with a hybrid. Intesting, because their triler is actually a bit lighter than ours. It is solid too, so that's an advantage in the screaming winds we've been experiencing.  However, they can't stand in it. Pretty low. But a good lightweight way to travel.
Check their saga out at
Also, they get 35 mpg, and we get up to 40. They have heat and air however...
The trip to Jackson today... Magnificent! Very light breezes, temps in the sixties and seventies, high clouds, and trees. Thank God, because the rest of Wyoming is open range- and that's about it.
Pinedale gave us the first glimpse of hope for WY. It smelled of evergreen trees and Quilter Girl spotted a quilt shop!
Oh, glory to God! I entertained myself with the local culture:
Don't you just love a Chinese restaurant with a moose in the front? 
Recycling at its best. Now the worn out shocks are art.
We saddled up and headed for Jackson, renewed with anticipation of trees, rivers and nature. No disappointments!
The (PP!) KOA we stopped at hugs the Snake River. Woods, river, hills... it's all here. Just need to see some wildlife.
Funny how different campgrond have their own cultures. This group is particulalrly SOCIAL, and we've met lots of new friends. A few campgrounds have had no one talk to us, but the (PP!) Snake River KOA is one friendly place.


Mel Nason said...

From 42 miles on Monday to 380 miles on Tuesday... MUCH more respectable! My calculations have you averaging 153.45161 miles/day. At that pace, you will have covered approx. 56,000 miles in a year and need a tune-up when you get home. Oh... and your bike might need one, too. LOL!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Okay, you're paying attention. And confirming that I should sponsor a contest, 'Guess how many miles they ride?'
That would be fun. Watch for it.