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Fifty States Day 32

Day 32,  45 miles cruising around Jackson

"Opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
~ Thomas Edison

"Okay, let's paddle. You'll need to dig in." Keith our guide and rudder man, instructed us. White water like a washing machine on steroids loomed ahead. We paddled and shot over the first wave and dove into the trough behind. Cold river water  erupted over the bow of the boat, soaking us. More waves marched into us as we paddled through, half the occupants laughing and whooping.
Good stuff.
White water rafting has been defined as "Periods of calm interrupted with short periods of terror."
During the calm, Keith announced that if anyone jumped in the river, they would get a blue wrist band that read, 'Snake River Swim Team.' And he would jump in.
I jumped in.
Keith wasn't wearing a wetsuit... I really wanted to see him in the river. Yet when I later showed someone my cheap wristband their eyes widened. "You jumped in?"
Bragging rights, cool.
Keith did jump in with style, running over the rubber benches and doing a gainer over the bow and into the water. 
The periods of calm are certainly not boring. The majesty of rocky cliffs, dirt slides showing evidence of past avalanches and the Grand Tetons overhead keep the rafter very much entertained.
(PP!) Dave Hansen's Whiterwater Raft Trips delivered. Experienced guides that explain the water and what it does, along with running commentary on the flora and fauna keep the rafters entertained. The trip is around eight miles with class I through III rapids. Personally, I would have preferred some class IV rapids, but it was fun, beautiful and exciting  nonetheless.
And thanks to Quilter Girl for giving me the green light. She stayed back and quilted.
We'll probably take another day in Wyoming and take one from Idaho. Sorry ID! Perhaps we should take one from Oklahoma instead.
Earlier we took a trip  to Jackson Hole and my oh my, those looked like class V slopes!  Okay, double diamond. The chairlift climbs a ridge to the summit and drops the skier at the top of a cliff! There must be some runs somewhere, but even they looked daunting. No matter. We're not waiting for snow.
Tonight there's a rodeo in Jackson for $5. We decided to go, but spent too much time talking to friendly people at the campsite. The bike attracts them like a cop to a donut. Besides, the idea of riding at night with deer and antelope playing in the headlights sounded dubious.
A ride and a white water ride will do for today. Not to mention Quilter Girl's doing you know what.


Mel Nason said...

Your description of the whitewater rafting trip was so good that, after reading it, even MY clothes were cold and wet. It was then that I realized I'd spilled iced tea on myself from laughing so hard...

Keep up the great blogs, Kevin!

Mel Nason said...

I didn't really spill iced tea on myself, but... well, you know all about 'literary license', right?

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I know all about literary license. Sherri and I are living in the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas and dowloading pictures. Having a great time!

Mel Nason said...

I could have sworn that photo of you and Sherri was taken with the Tetons in the background. It's amazing what one can do with (PP)PhotoShop!

Keep up the great blog, and remember... no literary writing without a license!