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50 States Day 30

Cheyenne to Laramie,   42 Lame Miles

"Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn."
~Benjamin Franklin

I returned the key to the clerk at the KOA
"Where you going?"
He shook his head. "They got light trailer warnings. Big wind."
Instead of going North to Casper, we headed West toward Rock Springs on (heaven forbid, a freeway!) I-80. First we stopped at the capitol, the reason we visited Cheyenne.
Very nice building, but since it was Memorial Day, it was closed up, like most of the town. We took some shots and took off.
Then we saddled up and headed West (that's Wyoming talk for 'we got on the bike and rode').
Around 5 miles along I-80 we see a sign with those lights that spell a dire warning:
'55 mph winds. Light trailer warning.'
Great. By the time we reached Laramie, there had been seven warning signs. Remembering the Denver snow warnings we ignored, we pulled into Laramie to sit this one out. The Internet weather reports, by the way, predicted 25 mph winds. Oops. 
If Cheyenne closed the shops, Laramie rolled up the sidewalks.
We rode through town looking for something to do, inside, for a few hours. Maybe a MacDonald's, get a drink, get online, read a bit... none. Bowling alley... closed. Theater... must be weekends only.
Finally we elected to check in at 'Gaslight Motel,' a very artsy and historic place.
People travel to Italy for its classic art, but I'm telling you, Laramie is where it's at!
Whether it be plastic, wood or paper mache, we were treated to some real culture.
And none of this 'modern art' garbage that you can't understand. No sir, this was the real deal. Even the rooms' decor reflected good taste.
So while it was a down day, we certainly could take the time to enjoy some culture.
The winds are abating and we shall ride tomorrow. Hiho Silver! (That's Wyoming talk for 'hit the starter button').


Mel Nason said...

I like the photo of the bronze calf heading straight for your bike. I hope you were able to 'steer' him away.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

You a funny guy!