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50 States Day 28

Alliance NE to Cheyenne, WY     210 miles

"Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future."
~John F. Kennedy

Chimney Rock was named by the pioneers because it's shape reminded them of a chimney. The Indians however, didn't have chimneys, so they had already named it after... well, a part of an elk's anatomy. Guess which one. No, not Elk Horn Rock. Yes, you guessed it. You're naughty. No wonder the pioneers thought the Indians to be savages. 
Both Chimnney Rock and Scoott's Bluff were huge landmarks for the diligent wanderers of the nineteenth century. First because they weren't lost, but more importantly it gave them hope, as it indicated the worst part of their journey lay behind them. Scoot's Bluff is named after a pioneer named Scott who didn't do anything great but got wounded upriver. The pioneers sent him downriver with two men to get help. The boat capsized and the men left Scott to die, where he crawled to the bluff and did just that. A year later the men found his skeleton. 
We learned a bit about weather today. Dress for the cold before you get cold, and you wont have to try to thaw out. We started with the gear and shed it as the day warmed up. Much better!
Since this is a motorcycle trip, I thought I'd say a few words about the steed.
The (PP!) Honda Gold Wing is a great work of engineering. When I was in my 30s I told my wife, "If I ever buy a Gold Wing, kill me." My mentality was that if you buy a GW, you're an old man and your life is over. Yet after 45 years of riding and racing myriad bikes, the Honda is a fine piece. It runs like a sewing machine. (And being married to Quilter Girl, I know what a sewing machine runs like.) 
Wiht cruise control, heated grips and seat, air ducts for both cool and warm air, and really comfortable seats, this is the distance traveler's dream. And that 1800 engine pulld that beast of a trailer well. And 40 MPG. 
Pat myself on the back: The wrap really catches peoples' attention. 
Okay, weekly wrap up.

What can I say? Nebraska contains the most patient, courteous drivers in the country. Because we ride at 59 mph, the entire world passes us. But NE drivers wait until an appropriate time, and usually return my wave. Okay, today one guy passed me a half mile before the passing zone. That's it.


41            MPG. Tailwind.
1,035       Photos so far.
70            Percent of them taken from the bike by Quilter Girl.
20            Percent to the trash.
8              Fabric pieces QG has bought for her '50 States' quilt
4,335       Miles traveled so far.
3,166.26  What we've paid so far. Fuel, food, ice, intercoms, motel, campground, fabric, etc.
.48           Smallest purchase, a candy bar. We are tracking every penny!
7              Average number of touches to the screen to cut, copy or paste on the stupid iPad. Touch screen indeed!


I don't know what all these farmers' contraptions are, beyond the tractors. They look like spacecraft.
I'm almost ready to play nice with my iPad. Okay, maybe not. 
We're just about a month on the road and we're not tired of it. Cool.
Most bikers are courteous and give a wave.
American farmers rock!
Koa Campgrounds maintain high standards. High five for them!
Windy today; we rented a cabin at KOA. Enough flapping. 


Mel Nason said...

After reading your blahhhhg from a few days ago, I know you'll appreciate this quote by Dave Berry, humorist, that was in todays 'Two Cents' Worth' section of The Everett Herald: "It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent."

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yup. It blows around tents, too. Dead calm in the entire UNIVERSE and the wind is whipping against the tent, the sides whipcracking erratically.!

Mindy said...

Hi I met you at a Cassey's store in Kearney, Ne.where I work. When you were passing through. I enjoy looking at your photos and reading your blog. Safe travels!! Mindy

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Mindy, I remember you! You came out to the pumps and we talked. Thanks for following. Hope you enjoy it.