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50 States Quilt Update

Quilter Girl here, just wanted to share my quilting so far. So far my 50 states quilt project is on schedule.  I have squares done for Utah, Colorado and Kansas.  Here are 3 of them.
Each fabric was chosen to remind me of something about that state, I am writing the memories on the squares.  It will be put together when I get home so the colors woll be balanced.  The top square is snow in Colorado, the other two are Kansas squares.

Today I bought the fabric for Nebraska at a cute shop in Kearney called Quilters Cottage.
The owner of the store helped me find fabrics for Nebraska. Pictures will be posted when the squares are done..  

I have also brought 3 quilt projects that were cut out before I left.  The first project is for Nick (nephew) and Kim's wedding quilt.  Here are 2 finished squares to show what it looks like.  I am working on the star blocks right now.  All the star points were finished on Monday.. 
Four patches are next so I can get the stars put together.  Nick & Kim, don't tell me if you are not happy with this. Trust me, it will look great when it is done!


Mel Nason said...

Hmmm... I thought I read in the Bible that it is possible to live one's life free of quilt... or was that kilt? Apparently, that scripture doesn't apply to Quilter Girls... or Irish men. LOL!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

10,000 comedians out of work, and you're trying to be funny!