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50 States Church Surch

Week Four Destiny Church, Cheyenne, WY

What a deal- a Pentecostal church on Pentecost Sunday! 
Destiny Church did trick me however, with no referrals to their pentecostal roots in their website. If you haven't been to an Assemblies of God slash Pentecostal church, you haven't experienced great worship. We sang, shouted, rasied our hands, and shook the gates of the Kingdom. Good stuff.
During worship, a few women went forward and picked up flags from a canister and waved them. I'd never seen that before. Yet in their 'Welcome Packet,' one subject covered was the waving of flags in worship, Psalm 20;5. I looked it up. You can look it up too.
As an aside, they gave me a welcome packet and encouraged me to fill out the Guest Form and put prayer requests on the back. And then, I know this is pretty tricky, but they provided a PEN to do it! Wow, how clever! I filled it out and asked for prayer for a safe trip.
The people can worship, and it's funny. We'll sing a song and sing the chorus. Fine. Then we sing it again. Okay. Third time, seems like a lot. When they stop after the fifth time, you say to yourself, "Why'd we stop so soon?"
Pastor Rick McGraw wears many hats- first as worship leader and keyboards, next as preacher and pastor. He's a man who's passionate about his Savior, his church and worship.

The church resides in a refurbished school. These old buildings works great for size, classrooms and a big amphitheter. Destiny remodeled the theater with pews and a nice big altar.
Pastor McGraw (Pastor Rick) preached on how we need to come to Christ not just out of fear of the eternal flames of fire, but because we love Him and want to be His. He believes we are living in the end times, but that America is due for a big spiritual revival. 
Destiny receives the 'Kevin's Coveted Caring Church' award! Great job! Not only were the greeters friendly (they don't count, it's their job. Even Wal Mart can pull that off), but the faithful took time to shake my hand, look me in the eye, get a name and make me feel welcome. 
Happy Pentecost Sunday, everyone. 


Pam said...

its preety fun and amazing to get to visit other places of worship. thanks for taking us along...and well, for the great commentary ha!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I usually go to my own church, so it's a pleasure to visit other and see how they worship. Thanks for riding along!