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50 States Busy Changes

Today brought myriad changes and technological breakthroughs!? The first change took place at the doctor's, where he carved out a football shed chunk of skin out of my forehead. Two things: Thank God skin has elasticity or I'd have a misshapen face. And remember to wear sunscreen!
I dropped Quilter Girl's books at the library for the last time. At least for the duration of the trip, it is Nook time. She's still grousing through the learning curve. Soon I predict she'll be a believer.

Best Buy proved to be just that. A Fuji camera works in up to fifteen feet of water, and shockproof to five feet. Not to mention it takes great shots, action shots and HD video. For two Benjamins.
Returning to the Apple store, I fell at the man's feet and begged for help blogging with photos. He walked me through it like I was a first grader. I got pretty mad then and told him to treat me like a Kindergartener. Much better. I ran home and still could do it! Oh, happy day!
 Finally I stopped at Lowe's and returned paint that wasn't flat, but satin. God bless them, they returned the paint even though they told me three times it was against policy and I told them three times I completely understood why they wouldn't. Sometimes it pays to be nice.
If all these pictures and text work on the blog, I will sleep better tonight. Well,except for the forehead. I'll need some Tylenol PM.

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