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50 States- Hilary Clinton Was Right

Yes, my liberal left wing friends, I’m giving it up to the Secretary of State. It does take a village! She wrote a book about ‘It takes a village’ to raise a kid. But I’m saying it takes a village to go on a trip around the country. Yes, you don’t just throw a leg over the bike and take off. You could, but imagine the mess when you returned! Perhaps you could throw a leg over and never come back. Well we’re not doing that.
Friends and family help out in small and large ways. Lars helped me patch and touch up the house. Our son Tim gets to sort mail (what fun!) and forward important stuff. Friends are putting us up for some overnighters. Denise plans the party. Believe me, it will be cool if Denise is planning it. The shop is working on the bike to … I’ll keep you in suspense and this week we’ll have an unveiling. (Please dear God may it be.) Brother Bill is keeping the car and truck from turning to dinosaur bones.
And commercial entities help out too. WARNING! PRODUCT PLACEMENT! Put up your shields of resistance to ‘I must buy that thing.’ Mike at Green Valley Cycle sweetened up the old bike for sale prep. eBay, Craigslist, Lowe’s (boxes, paint, tape, etc.) Discount Movers, and Pt’s Pub (okay maybe not that last one).
When you see us riding down the highway, alone, not a care in the world, remember a lot of others helped push that bike along.
That's it for kudos for Hilary. Well, her hair is okay.


DenverDoc said...

Don't worry, Kevin. You don't have to give Hilary any kudos at all. The book was primarily a ghost-written affair, and the title came from an old African saying that predates the Clintons by about 1,000 years.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Oooohh! Hilary's a plagarist.