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50States Eve!

How much crap do two people need? Apparently a 53' van, an RV garage, an empty office, a few spaces at friends' houses, and a bike with a trailer. Funny how we're going 'minimalist' and storing truckloads of stuff.
It's Launch Eve! Yet people ask me if I'm excited about the trip and I am, but I can't get past the preparation. Lots of loose ends. Like; I managed to pack both keys for the mailbox today. Perfect. However, we are moving forward, and we'll be at the Launch and ready to have a great time.
We spent time with relatives today and it hit me that we won't see them for a year. Wow. Lily just turned two, little Christian is around 3 weeks old, and daughter Amy is pregnant with twins, due in November. We'll come back for that for sure.
Tomorrow morning we finish loading the bike and trailer. My prediction is we won't be able to fit everything inside it. We'll see.
Today was a bit shorter than yesterday with a bit less stress. Although Quilter Girl may disagree as I drove her crazy today with stressing over the details and loose ends. Poor girl. Hopefully I'll become a bit less of a jerk when we get underway.
After 41 years of dreaming about this, it seems like it won't really happen.


Anonymous said...

What a great Launch! You two are an inspiration that have planted seeds in many of us!
The invitation for Boise is open.
The Kraft Family

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Thanks. We sure had a great time and will think about that Boise place. Thanks for coming to the bash!