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Day 1- 50 States Launch

Day 1, 186 miles
"To reach a port we must sail, sometime with the wind and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

What a great way to start the adventure- with a party! Friends of all persuasions joined us to celebrate the beginning of a great adventure. It was an eclectic group consisting of family, Toastmasters, Henderson Writers Group, church people, bike racing buddies and quilters. Denise did an excellent job of catering, providing burgers, hotdogs, and those red white and blue cupcakes. U.S. trivia cards graced each table, and each guest left with a gift basket. Then at 3, Quilter Girl and I faced our biggest challenge; take down the tent without fighting. Then I had to ride the bike without falling in front of everyone.
We took off with seven friends and rode to the St. GeorgenCracker Barrel, then Jeff and Kathie stuck with us to Cedar City.
Perhaps now our clock can slow down a bit. Although after fighting with my stupid iPad for an hour, there will be no pics tonight. Grrr!
Thanks to everyone for all the love today. What wonderful,people, all of you.

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Pam said...

so excited for you to start the journey and so glad you are taking me along with you (and everyone else....but mostly me!!!)
I'll see you in Virginia!!