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Max rites agin

This cood be the werst day of my life. My pets, Kevin and Sherri, spent all afternune tawking abot sumthing behind my tale!
It got werse… way werse.
They gave me a bath.
Eye hait baths. They no it. Eye think there getin rid of me. Pleeze no! All beecuz of this trip, the ’50 states’ thing.
Shoor enuf, they dride me off an we wendt in the car.
Eye hait cars almost as much as baths. Ey’ll sow them. Eye’ll shed on the seet! Wen eye get stress, eye shed and baby they wil sea hare. Drop me off who nose where, eye’ll show them!
We road a wayz then stopped.
This is it.
I am gonna bite somwun!
And then… cue th emoosic , the heaven moosic, like from the start of the Simpson’s
Aaaaaaaaaah… The clowds part, the sun shinez, and their it is.
The nu familee has a boy!
Tonee is ate yerz old.
Eye luv this kid. I kin trane him. Shute, eye bet eye cin trane him to never ever ever give me a bath.
It’s a grate day after all.

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