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Gerbing Gear Test

"Honey, can you turn up my pants?"
I spoke those words into my Chatterbox, for the Little Woman. Sounds gratuitous, no? Actually, she could adjust the heat in my pants (and gloves) or jacket while I focused on keeping the bike upright. The Gerbing gear contains a small thermostat that hangs on the side. Very handy!
We rode up (way up, 8,000 ft. elevation!) to Lee Canyon for the acid test of the new suits. And what a test! 30 degrees with shreiking winds. With the wind chill it was... freaking cold! We reached the ski area and rode past people bundled up for cold, our motorcycle a true anomoly.
She loved her pants. Turn them up and her thighs stayed warm. For me, the gloves were magic. I have ridden bikes for 43 years and this is the first time they kept my hands warm in cold weather. The sixty mile (okay, almost eighty) per hour wind chill penetrates any gloves- except thses.
I need to remount the plugs on the bike. They were too low, barely reaching and pulled apart at the least provocation. We stopped on the side of the road, chopped the zip ties off and reran the wires, and it worked. However, it is a mess, so a little engineering will make them work effectively.
We rode down the hill to warmer temps, and simply turned off the heaters, the gear continuing to keep us warm in not-as-cold weather.
Hats off to Gerbing! But not for long, as the winds are bitter cold!
Time for bed. Think I'll go upstairs and see if the Little Woman can turn up my pants.
Okay, that was gratuitous!

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