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Happy Birthday!

We interrupt this '50 States' preparation to celebrate the 300th blog. Wow, time and events fly by.
We began with 'My favorite Things' (3/-8) and traveled around the countryside since then. Indianapolis (complete with a 1,032 mile day- whew!), Death Valley (5/10), San Diego (5/11), and last November, Iowa to Vegas, where the Little Woman and I dang near froze to death. Since then you haven't heard us complain about the high price of the electric suits, have you?
Interspersed were stories of my attempts at 200 mph on a motorcycle ((7/10), and a blow by blow account of my life of crime, where I got pulled over for expired tabs and almost got arrested. that was fun to unwind!
Lets's not forget the naked sunbather, breeding couple, the shooter, the dead guy and the man repairing his '75 Monte Carlo, all out in the middle of the desert. Desert Wildlife indeed!
Now we prepare for the 50 States trip. Max the Dog found a good home with family with an 8 year old boy, the car and old Gold Wing are still for sale, and the house is for rent. I'm getting a bit anxious.
And we dropped off the bike and trailer... where, I can't tell you, but am so excited for what we're doing! It will be awesome. Full story by Saturday, or next week at the latest. It's going to be a bike and trailer like no other.
Meanwhile, packing and struggling to be more ruthless at throwing things away!
Thanks for riding along.
It's been a great ride.

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