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50 States- The Schedule

Due to demand, I am reposting the 50 States schedule. You will note that some states get more time than others. For instance, Texas gets extra days, or we would just ride through it as fast as we could. California too. And Alaska includes taking the ferry North and riding back the AlCan Highway through Canada. Rhode Island, Kansas and Nebraska get shorted, and you can figure out why! Although we will be stopping in Kansas to see the world's largest ball of twine. I can hardly wait!
Should you desire to meet us in your state, or perhaps have me speak at your Rotary, Lions or Toastmasters club, contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. We want to visit local churches on Sundays, too.

Utah 29-Apr 7-May
Colorado 7-May 16-May
Kansas 16-May 21-May
Nebraska 21-May 25-May
Wyoming 25-May 31-May
Idaho 31-May 7-Jun
Washington 7-Jun 15-Jun
Alaska 15-Jun 30-Jun
Montana 30-Jun 6-Jul
N.Dakota 6-Jul 10-Jul
S. Dakota 10-Jul 16-Jul
Minnesota 16-Jul 23-Jul
Wisconsin 23-Jul 30-Jul
Iowa 30-Jul 4-Aug
Illinois 4-Aug 11-Aug
Indiana 11-Aug 18-Aug
Michigan 18-Aug 25-Aug
Ohio 25-Aug 31-Aug
Pennsylvania 31-Aug 7-Sep
New York 7-Sep 16-Sep
Vermont 16-Sep 22-Sep
Maine 22-Sep 29-Sep
New Hampshire 29-Sep 4-Oct
Mass. 4-Oct 10-Oct
Rhode Is. 10-Oct 13-Oct
Connecticut 13-Oct 19-Oct
New Jersey 19-Oct 25-Oct
Delaware 25-Oct 30-Oct
Maryland 30-Oct 6-Nov
W. Virginia 6-Nov 13-Nov
Virginia 13-Nov 20-Nov
Kentucky 20-Nov 27-Nov
Tennessee 27-Nov 4-Dec
N. Carolina 4-Dec 11-Dec
S. Carolina 11-Dec 18-Dec
Georgia 18-Dec 25-Dec
Alabama 26-Dec 1-Jan
Florida 1-Jan 15-Jan
Mississippi 15-Jan 22-Jan
Louisiana 22-Jan 29-Jan
Arkansas 29-Jan 5-Feb
Missouri 5-Feb 12-Feb
Oklahoma 12-Feb 19-Feb
Texas 19-Feb 6-Mar
New Mexico 6-Mar 13-Mar
Arizona 13-Mar 20-Mar
Hawaii 20-Mar 2-Apr
California 2-Apr 17-Apr
Oregon 17-Apr 25-Apr
Nevada 25-Apr 28-Apr
On April 28, 2013 we will have another party!Don't forget the one on April 29, 2012. RSVP me and we'll see you there.
24 days to launch.

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