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The Cold Test

Mount Charleston is the Yang to Las Vegas' Ying. When it's 105 degrees in the valley, a quick ride to Charlie Mountain and it could be 78 or so. Nice.
To test our electric outfits, a trip to Hill Chuck is in order. We'll take off early tomorrow and plug those babies into the bike, wind up the hill to Charles Hollow where the high is expected to be 42. Low of 19. That's nothing when the thermostat in your pants is on 'high' right?
Well, we hope so!
We can stop at the top for brunch at the only restaurant up there, where the view is awesome, the service lame, and the food mediocre. However, there's nothing average about their prices. They are well above average, for sure. Just goes to show you what happens when no one competes with you.
The Little Woman is retired now, as her last day of work was Thursday. Now we can go anytime, so tomorrow should be perfect- as long as we beat rush hour traffic!
It is amazing that one can ride on the freeway through a desert city with four lanes of traffic one way, and in less than an hour be meandering through the high country, the road serpentining through tree dotted slopes. We'll probably encounter snow, although none on the road. Should be beautiful, albeit a bit chilly.
And that's the point.

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