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50 States Budget

TLW and I been tracking costs on various trips and have come up with a rational budget. (If you ever watched the movie 'Easy Rider', those guys didn't use a budget... look where it got them!) So here's a snapshot of what we think the trip will cost:
Gas is pretty easy, the only wild card is the price per gallon, but we'll go with 4 bucks. If it goes higher, it's Obama's fault, right? Any problems, we blame the president. Okay, maybe not.
Here are the figures:
313 days
200 miles
62,600 total
32 mpg
1,956.25 gallons
$4.00 $ per gallon
$7,825 Total Gas
Food will be $32.70 per day, based on that's what we've spent in the past recent trips.
Lodging is $38.39 per day. That's campgrounds, motels, offsets when staying with friends and relatives, and Thousand Trails. Of course, TT cost six hundred a year, but who’s counting?
Bike and trailer costs look like this:
Bike costs
Tires $3,981.25
Trailer tires $1,061.67
Brakes $1,857.92
Trailer brakes $1,194.38
Oil changes $1,274.00
Repairs $1,327.08
Total $10,696

Finally, monthly costs like cell phones, HotSpot (mobile WiFi) and clothing we're figuring $260 a month.
It breaks down to these totals for the year:
$7,825 fuel
$13,576 food
$14,013 lodging
$10,696 bike costs
$3,120 monthlies
$38,535 Grand total. Or $105.57 per day.
There are plenty of other costs, like buying the bike and trailer, the Gerbing suits, the Launch and Return Parties, moving in and out of the house, and the amazing amount of headache relievers the Little Woman takes lately. It seems like the more she is around me, the more relievers she takes.
Must be allergies.
Some interesting figures:
It looks like we'll put four sets of tires on the bike and trailer. Why don't they last as long as a car? Both will need two sets of brakes, I predict. It takes some braking power to slow that junk down!
Once again I'll whine about oil changes. I can change oil and filter myself, (but not logistically feasible on the trip) and it costs as much as Jiffy Lube. And if a bike shop changes it? Make sure President Grant brings Hamilton along. Or two Hammies.
There is $800 of ice included in the food budget. Amazing.
TLW predicts an increase in headache pain relievers too.
Maybe it’s all that fresh air.
There's one other cost, and that's the price for what we're doing to the bike that I'm not telling you yet. I can’t wait! Hopefully Monday.

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