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50 States- What It Ain't

What isn’t the trip about?

We decided it isn’t a ‘windshield run.’ That is, all day riding, fast, seeing as much as possible. Yes, we’ll see every state, but we won’t take in everything in each one. Chances are good we’ll miss more than we’ll see.

We won’t sit around however. Sundays will be down days, and there may be some times when we’ll chill, but pretty much six days will consist of riding 60 or slower, and stopping at viewpoints. That goes against my grain.

 But we want the trip to be slower than usual. Avoiding freeways and big cities is a must.
We’ll avoid chain restaurants and fast food places.

 Call me a weirdo, but I’d rather see the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Kansas than a skyscraper in New York. Hopefully we’ll find people of a similar bent too.

On another note, thanks to James Kelly host of Aspects of Writing ( for a great interview this evening. Good stuff!

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