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50 States- Quilter Girl Weighs In

My turn to write the blog today. This is Sherri, aka Quilter Girl. I realized through this moving process how different Kevin and I are. My idea of getting ready to pack the house up is to finish my projects, use up all the food in the fridge and pantry then pack. Then there will be less to pack. Kevin started stressing about packing the first of April and I wouldn’t have started until yesterday. Neither of us were right, nor were we wrong. However we drove each other crazy.

In order to pack up the house I had to finish these last quilts, all of them king sized. They are all finally done except for the hand stitching, which can be done in an empty house or even in a chair at the park on Sunday if need be. (I’ll have extra needles if you want to help!) The plaid quilt and the bright color quilt are wedding gifts for Daughter Amy and her husband Issouf. The black, white and lime green quilt is for Shad and Kristen who were part of our family for a while.

I have also made oatmeal muffins and brownies because I don’t want to throw away food. We are all eating well at our house! 

This is going to be a very simple life and I am looking forward to this trip so much. Time to go!

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