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50 States. What's the Goal?

The goal? What’s the goal for ’50 States’? Well duh. Get through the 50 states in 50 weeks, right?

Not really. Or not only.

We want to see the United States. That doesn’t mean looking around at the vast, wonderful countryside. We’ll do that. But we want to really see America. People. Cultures. What makes this country tick? What makes Arkansas people different than Coloradans? Or from us? What makes us similar?

How is America? The news paints dark pictures. Are people discouraged? In the movie ‘Easy Rider’, George sat around the fire with Wyatt and Billy and said something to the effect of; “What’s wrong with America? It used to be a great country. Now it’s so screwed up.” That was in 1969. Fast forward 43 years. Better, the same, worse? Or was George an idiot?
I want to know. To talk to people, see what they have to say.
Good, bad or indifferent, it is not an easy answer.
Sure our lives are simpler with Internet, air conditioning and X Box 360 (okay maybe not), but are we better morally? Socially? Culturally?

Our lives are much more comfortable, but are they better?
What do you think? Thumbs up, or down?

That’s what we’d like to learn on this adventure.
Seven days to launch.

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