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50 States Shovelling Pink Fines- Huh?

I shoveled, spread and compacted ‘Pink Fines’ today. How does that advance the ’50 States in 50 Weeks’ preparation?

Actually, it does advance the cause. I own a vacant lot with a garage (I know, weird) and will use it to store my car and truck. The short driveway however was a four- wheel drive affair. Getting the car into the building would be impossible. Hence, the grading. But it sure didn’t look appropriate. We should be packing!
What you need to ask yourself, whatever your endeavor, is, ‘How well does this move forward to accomplishing my goal? Like the saying, “It’s hard to remember when you’re… um… ‘neck’ deep in alligators that your goal was to drain the swamp.”
Whether the goal is advancing yourself at work, saving for retirement, or becoming a competitive runner, one must ask the question on a regular basis. Doesn’t hurt to review daily and weekly how you advance your agenda toward your goal.
All right, enough preaching. The driveway is complete ready for the car, and we can store even more crap.

Hopefully we’ll throw or give away the real crap.

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