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50 States- The Sacrifices

“Well, I hope it’s worth it to you.” That comment came from a Doubter, a friend who, while not saying so, obviously thought jumping through all the hoops was certainly not worth all the effort for the 50 States trip.
She just doesn’t get it.
Jesus once told the story of a man who found a pearl of great price in a field. He sold everything he had to buy that field. While this trip doesn’t cost everything, it costs a lot.
Lately it cost selling the old Gold Wing and the Little Woman’s car, on eBay and Craigslist, respectively.
I hate selling stuff.
I don’t want strangers driving my car, picking it apart, haggling. Too bad. I priced the car below market and still people pounded me, some before they even looked at it!
I liked the email question, “How many miles on the car?”
Well, perhaps if you read line three of the ad, you would see it on there. It’s written in numbers to keep it easy for you.
No, I didn’t say that.
The bike, sold through eBay, makes me nervous. A buyer from New York, supposed to fly out, look at it, then ship it.
I’m just waiting for the list of ‘disappointments’ and another pounding.
What a pain.
But… still… worth it.
At church tonight, scores of people asked about the trip. Those were Believers. They are like Ron Paul supporters, or Mac users. They are in the minority, but they are passionate.

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