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Southwest Swing Day 10

The last day and the Little Woman and I got up and pretended we weren't Jonesing to get on the road and head home. After breakfast we agreed to fold up our tent (literally) and head out on the highway, looking for adventure, whatever comes our way.
I stopped by the pickle ball court to return the paddle I borrowed.
"Hey, Kevin. Sign up right here."
What wonder! What beauty! They remembered my name, and they invited me to play again after my pathetic attempt yesterday. What wonderful people. Let's just stay here and play pickle ball with our friends every day. *Sigh* Not to be.
We loaded up, fired up, fueled up and headed out. The first leg took us on I-10, with tons of tractor trailers. Next we headed North on 62 and ten miles in, with nothing around for miles, is a lush green palm tree farm. Back to the wide open desert on 62, then 95. The desert is a very large, open space. This looks like a great spot to not break down. This lonely area reminds me of off road racing Vegas to Reno, where from horizon to horizon is nothing but sage, sand and rocks. This looks the same, sans the black ribbon of highway straight ahead. The sun shone brightly, and no breeze, just a marvelous, beautiful day.
Around 120 miles in we stop at a... intersection with gas.
"Ouch. $5.00 a gallon."
"No," I corrected," it's only $4.99.9."
However, the scooter got 36 mpg. Very good! Now I must keep it at 62 or below. It does make a huge difference. Rats. Additional bonus, it runs fine on regular fuel.
We take plenty of stops for fuel, food and stretching. Today will be our longest trip of the Swing, around 250 miles, which isn't bad at all.
We passed through Needles, then Searchlight, Railroad Pass, and finally dropped into the Vegas Valley with three lanes of cars and trucks around us. Doesn't take long to miss the 2 lane rural roads.
We stopped at son Tim's landscape rock yard and weighed the entire setup, riders and all.
Guess how much. Go on, guess. The bike, two riders, the tent and stuff inside.
Two thousand sixty pounds.
No wonder it takes some serious braking to stop that thing!
Altogether a great trip, with few catastrophies. None of them really, but tomorrow we'll talk about lessons learned in the Wrap Up.

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