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Southwest Swing Wrap Up

The Southwest Swing is over; are we ready for '50 States? Yes and no.
Really, all we need to do is fuel the bike, hook up the trailer, load them with junk and go. Practically however, we need to sharpen a few things, based on lessons learned.
We rode in cold weather and got cold. Not until the last day did the Little Woman declare: "We could have worn the heated pants, and even though they couldn't connect to a power source, they would be warmer."
Well, duh. Should have thought of that.
The pile of mail that awaited us reminded us we need to cancel many periodicals, delegate things to be done in our absence, and forward some things ahead.
After weighing the entire menagerie, it seems prudent to lighten the load. We can fit everything, but that doesn't mean we should.
An AstroTurf pad that sat under the tent section and extended out past the entry would help the tent floor last longer and reduce dragging in all that dirt and mud.
And a few poles to hold up the entry awning. More things, more weight.
Since she got a Nook and I got an iPad, we shouldn't need to bring any heavy books.
Plenty more to do, but the immensity and amount of things seems to be shrinking.

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