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Southwest Swing Day 9

The sun sets behind those cold, snowy mountains, so far away. Yes today brought warm weather and sunny skies. We wandered around the camp, dwarfed by the tall palm trees and giant RVs. The bike and trailer are topics of interest for the snowbirds, but the 50 States trip isn’t. They’ve been everywhere, no big deal. Some people hang here through the winter to escape the cold climes of Vancouver B.C. and other Northerly spots. Others haven’t been ‘home’ for over a decade, the full- timers.
I hung around like the kid who can’t get picked for baseball as the retirees played pickle ball. Finally someone took pity on me and handed me a paddle. “I haven’t played in twenty years.” – A pretty good excuse. I needed one, too. However, the locals treated me with deference and forgave my mistakes. It wasn’t about winning, they said, and surprisingly it wasn’t. Everyone had a great time.
The Little Woman broke out Ethyl (the name of her lightweight sewing machine, a Singer, made in the ’50’s sometime) and sewed away at the picnic table. Since she’ll be building a quilt with fabric from each state during the trip, it made for a good trial. She and Ethyl were happy as a quilter in a fabric store.
We mingled with the locals, everyone friendly. This snowbird- full time- camping group seems like a nice, social family type environment.
The sun has set and an a capella group sings in the distance. And being honest, the steady drone of cars on the freeway backs them up. The palm fronds mark a stark contrast to the waning sunlight. Dinner is over, the dishes cleared, the Little Woman plays Angry Birds. The computers are becoming the main source of light at the picnic table. For a few moments, all is at peace. Except for the birds. They are pretty angry.

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