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Southwest Swing Day 8

At last we loaded up and moved. Enough of The Seattl- I mean, San Diego rain! Once again it rained on and off all night. We are searching for sun, and it should be in Palm Desert.
First we wound up the coast, staying as close to the waves as possible. The threatening clouds made for beautiful formations in the sky. Stopping at Oceanside, we broke open a lunch with crashing waves as a backdrop. Two surfers attempted to catch waves. Surfing must be tremendously fun, as it seems to me that one catches a wave and successfully rides it only on rare occasions. I'm probably not watching great surfers.
We headed inland, and while the clouds disbursed, some still loomed above. Nurseries and orchards lined the winding road, and the smells of Bougainvillea and ripe oranges permeated the air. Yet the more inland we rode, the higher we climbed. Newscasts from yesterday of snow replayed in my mind. Ahead, snow dotted the hilltops, and we continued to ascend. Soon, snow patches appeared on either side, then more.
"Here we are, riding through snow again."
"Yes, but at least there's none in the road," I replied. Seems we always find white.
Still ascending. The wet is now usurped by cold. I think about those wonderful heated suits in the trailer, with no connection to the bike!
We cross a high plain, then begin a ten mile descent into Palm Springs and Palm Desert. The road winds and twists, hanging onto the side of the hill.
Then we burst into a watered,fertilized, manicured city. Palm desert boasts shamrock green lawns, robust palm trees and myriad blossoms and flowers. This is a well maintained garden. The thermometer on the bike climbs from 48 to 65 degrees. Amazing.
Over dinner I shared my trepidation with the Little Woman.
We were three days of cold and wet. What If it's three weeks, or even more, on the 50 weeks trip?
And that tent got really small.
There are options and plans. The heated suits will help tremendously. And we can hit the motels too.
Great to be in a warmer climate.

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