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50 States- Storing All That Cra... Stuff

After living all these decades, we have accumulated a lot of... stuff. Can't live without it. We moved a year ago, and how much junk have we moved into the house and not utilized?
We're American, doggone it! We store up crap and hang on to it. What does one do when you move out of the house for a year and rent the joint out?
Ahhh. Enter the 53 foot retired mail van.
Everyone should own a 53 foot van. You can put a LOT of junk in a van that size. It's bigger than two jumbo U Haul trucks!
And here's the coolest thing: You buy it at an auction or somewhere, for $1,800- $2,500. then just throw everything in it and park it. Store the stuff for a year in a waterproof, dustproof (okay, maybe not. There's an inch of dust on everything in there!) environment. Come back, unload it, haul it to the auction and sell it for $1,800- $2,500.
Cool. Storage for nothing!
Well... except for storing the TRAILER somewhere. Oh, yes, you need to rent a tractor truck to tow it to your house. Then to the storage spot. Back to the house. Then to the auction.
Outside of all that, what a deal.
But what a great place to store crap.
And the Little Woman? Man, she has a lot of stuff! Really. Sixty plus boxes of fabric at fifty pounds each. That's crazy right? A ton and a half!
And she complains about my couple of bikes. Okay, maybe five. Six. That's different.
Loading the trailer is fun, as the deck is dock height. Climbing in and out is ... challenging. But still... what a great deal, right? Right?
Okay, I have to give it up to Max the dog. He blogged yesterday, and women reported his post made them cry.
The dog can't even spell.

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