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50 States- Distractions

"To achieve success, keep your eye on the ball." Sometimes that's difficult to do when someone smacks you with a garbage can lid when you're up to bat.
Instead of preparing for the trip today, I drove to the remains of our cabin. Pretty frustrating, surveying the extensive water damage, incurred from a 'management' company's incompetence. Due to their neglect, a water line froze and broke, dumping water throughout our frozen building for a week or so.
So today consisted of driving five hundred miles, meeting the flooring people, the contractor, the electrician and the cabinet guy.
My eye was not on the ball!
At least not the ball I wanted to look at.
Driving home, I elected to go through the Lake Mead area. The speed limits are slower, and I must crawl through a couple small towns, but I only encountered five cars in an hour and a half. Much better than rush hour in Vegas.
Then the sun set.
Ah, perspective.
What a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors, with the sun peeking out behind clouds near the end.
I stopped at some beautiful red rocks and snapped a few shots.
And listened to… nothing. Just an occasional whisper of breeze.
Ah, peace.
I need to remember to live in the moment.
Do you?

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