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50 States- Changing Steeds

Out with the old, and in with the new… well, I got that backwards. I bought the ’10 Gold Wing while still owning the ’97. So… who would like a nice 1997 Honda Gold Wing? I tried to get it to write the blog like Max, who got such great responses, but after leaving the laptop in front of it for an hour, nothing. Not a letter. Apparently the bike is dumber than Max.
However, it is a nice bike. Everything is there; the cruise control, six cylinder engine, windshield, fairing, am/fm radio, and- brace yourself- cassette player! Okay, it is a bit long in the tooth, but a great bike with fuel economy up to forty miles per gallon, and a fun factor of ten.
“Why didn’t you take it on the trip if it’s such a wonderful bike? “
I considered it, and wouldn’t have hesitated to take it. Even though it’s fifteen years old, it only has 65k miles on it. It still passed the sniff test. So why not?
With both riders, our stuff and the trailer, the fifteen hundred cc engine labored, particularly when starting on a hill. The eighteen hundred motor ed ’10 pulls just fine. But if you need a bike that gets great mileage, handles awesome, rides two up and can pull a small cargo trailer, this is the bike for you! Or perhaps someone you know.
To be honest, I’ve listed in in Craig’s List for a few weeks with no response. Not feeling the love here! Perhaps eBay is the next move.
Of course, even with the great responses, no one has picked up Max, either. Time for a fire sale!


DenverDoc said...

The '97 Gold Wing is beautiful, but I'm more intently interested in what happened with Max. I hope that he found some new people pets who'll love him.

Also, on the trip, I hope that you'll keep us all posted as to the pop-up tent trailer you're hauling. It looks so much more civilized than a ground mat and sleeping bag.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Haven't found a home fotr Max yet- nor a buyer for the Gold Wing. Or a renter for the house. And we need to sell the car too!