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Green Valley Motorcycle

As I stated in my ‘Apple Rave’ posting last week, it’s the setbacks and screwups that separate the vendors from the great vendors. And Mike Klein of Green Valley Motorcycles screwed up.
We’ll see how he did.
Mike is two blocks away from my son’s shop, so I drop bikes by his place often.
Mike’s been repairing Honda bikes for 35 years, and he’s seen it all.
Just about.
I brought in the old Gold Wing for a few repairs to prepare it for selling, and went over the braking/lighting system with Mike. We both decided not to take the system off the old bike, but to install a new one. Mike uses the word ‘perfect’ often.
I picked up the old one, dropped off the new one, and Mike installed the wiring. Called me. I checked it out.
All wired, yes.
No trailer brakes.
I reminded him of our conversation.
Oops. He forgot.
And, he had never done a trailer brake setup on a bike before. He admitted that. I appreciate his honesty.
Can you bring the trailer in?
Towed it in with the old Wing. We went over it. He installed a nice system. I could tell by his bill, that he hadn’t charged me for the hours of screwing up and unscrewing. I appreciate that.
He indicated it was a great education and training run for him.
And he installed the system.

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