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The Bag... And the Revelation

Sometimes a revelation just hits you, and other times your wife does. Okay she doesn’t hit me, but the revelation came through her speaking.
“I want to post a Facebook of the bag that all my clothes, for an entire year, have to fit inside.”
So we dug out an appropriate sized bag, filled it with stuff, and shot it.
Disclaimer: We will store extra shoes, jackets and rain gear elsewhere, but the bag- one for each of us- is for the entire year. The remaining space will be dedicated to food, utensils, tools, camping supplies, and quilting stuff.
Obviously, clothes will wear out and get replaced, and cool weather clothes will replace warm weather clothes where appropriate, but still.
But still…
That’s a really small bag.
And that’s a really long time!


Anonymous said...

Remember Jack Reacher and his clothing system-then you won't even need two bags.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yes. And I love jack Reacher! We'll lay them under the bed to iron them.