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Ten Commandments and Schedule

Friends, due to many requests, the 50 States’ Ten Commandments and schedule are listed again.
1.) Thou shalt not ride on Sunday.
We can ride around, pick up groceries, get to a church and so on, but not move the trip forward. While riding sounds like fun fun fun, it can be a grind. A day to stand down is important.
2.) Thou shalt find a church on Sunday. We'll check out the Christian churches across the country, and give you a full report.
3.) Thou shalt visit every state capitol. A bit of geography and history never hurt anyone. At least that's what the Little Woman believes. I'm not so sure. Ignorance is bliss, right? Right? Okay maybe not.
4.) Thou shalt find the road less traveled. We'll avoid big highways and freeways like the plague, using only if necessary.
5.) Thou shalt not exceed 65 miles per hour. Ouch. We're supposed to enjoy the journey and enjoy the scenery. I found a loophole, however. I can go 65 in a 30 zone, right? What about Kansas?
6.) Thou shalt cease riding by mid-afternoon. Again, the purpose isn't to jam and grind to the next spot on the horizon. Stop early to blog, write, Facebook, Linkdin,YouTube, and please dear God, never ever Tweet. We'll need time to set up camp, cook, perform maintenance on the bike, and we'll need to leave time to fight and argue. Kidding! We don't need to schedule fighting and arguing.
7.) Thou shalt blog daily.
8.) Thou shalt visit friends and family. Need your help on this one.
9.) Thou shalt camp. Except when it's raining, snowing, blowing, cold or hot. Or if we don't want to. Maybe we'll just leave the trailer behind. Naw. We'll camp a lot.
10.) Thou shalt stop and enjoy the journey. That means viewpoints, hysterical markers, roadside stands, and any shiny thing that attracts our attention. Not every single one, but plenty of them.
And below is our schedule, state by state.
Utah 29-Apr 7-May

Colorado 7-May 16-May
Kansas 16-May 21-May
Nebraska 21-May 25-May
Wyoming 25-May 31-May
Idaho 31-May 7-Jun
Washington 7-Jun 15-Jun
Alaska 15-Jun 30-Jun
Montana 30-Jun 6-Jul
N.Dakota 6-Jul 10-Jul
S. Dakota 10-Jul 16-Jul
Minnesota 16-Jul 23-Jul
Wisconsin 23-Jul 30-Jul
Iowa 30-Jul 4-Aug
Illinois 4-Aug 11-Aug
Indiana 11-Aug 18-Aug
Michigan 18-Aug 25-Aug
Ohio 25-Aug 31-Aug
Pennsylvania 31-Aug 7-Sep
New York 7-Sep 16-Sep
Vermont 16-Sep 22-Sep
Maine 22-Sep 29-Sep
New Hampshire 29-Sep 4-Oct
Mass. 4-Oct 10-Oct
Rhode Is. 10-Oct 13-Oct
Connecticut 13-Oct 19-Oct
New Jersey 19-Oct 25-Oct
Delaware 25-Oct 30-Oct
Maryland 30-Oct 6-Nov
W. Virginia 6-Nov 13-Nov
Virginia 13-Nov 20-Nov
Kentucky 20-Nov 27-Nov
Tennessee 27-Nov 4-Dec
N. Carolina 4-Dec 11-Dec
S. Carolina 11-Dec 18-Dec
Florida 18-Dec 1-Jan
Georgia 1-Jan 8-Jan
Alabama 8-Jan 15-Jan
Mississippi 15-Jan 22-Jan
Louisiana 22-Jan 29-Jan
Arkansas 29-Jan 5-Feb
Missouri 5-Feb 12-Feb
Oklahoma 12-Feb 19-Feb
Texas 19-Feb 6-Mar
New Mexico 6-Mar 13-Mar
Arizona 13-Mar 20-Mar
Hawaii 20-Mar 2-Apr
California 2-Apr 17-Apr
Oregon 17-Apr 25-Apr
Nevada 25-Apr 29-Apr
Whew! Now... why did Nevada get only 4 days?


John D said...

My wife and I will be following you every day of your trip. We ride a 2005 Gold Wing. Done Route 66 in 2006 with AMA Tours. You have the best motorcycle to do your trip. I have done a lot of maintenance on mine so if I can help in any way just let me know. We live in Indiana so when you are here you would be welcome to stay with us overnight. John & Inez Voyles, Corydon, Indiana

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Very cool John! We'll put you down on our schedule and maybe we can get together and compare notes. Looking forward to seeing you in Indiana. Send your info. to Thanks.