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Life Choices: The Event

Have you gotten bogged down with the economy? Do you feel unfulfilled, like you missed an opportunity and are in a funk? Do you need direction, motivation or purpose? Then ‘Life Choices: The Event’ is for you!
Judi Moreo will host this event on March 23rd through the 25th, and will surround you with quality speakers who have overcome incredible obstacles, achieved greatness, and attained their full potential. Wouldn’t you like a step up in your life, be it spiritual, physical, financial or business?
I’ve worked with Judi on numerous books and attended her other classes, and she is the real deal. This seminar will help you with personal, social, economic and health issues. The people she’s put together for this weekend are quality individuals as well.
Check out the website at for more details and registration. Be sure to take advantage of Early Bird registration. I would love to see you there!

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