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Party Time!... Well, Almost

Are you ready to party? No? Well, you have three months to get ready.
You’re invited to our ’50 States in 50 Weeks’ Launch Party! That’s right; from noon to three o’clock on Sunday the 29th of April, we will party at Mountain Crest Park, at Durango and Lone Mountain. Be there! You live far way? All the more reason to travel to Las Vegas. After a horrible winter of snow, rain and sleet, wouldn’t it be nice to relax in a grassy park with bright blue skies? So jump on the plane and visit us in Vegas. Say hello to the sun you’ve missed for five months.
The park features Frisbee golf (we’ll sponsor a cash prize tournament), water toys for the kids along with slides and swings, and plenty of barbeques. Don’t forget the horseshoes or basketballs too.
If you have a bike, you’re invited to travel with us to Mesquite or Cedar City as we take off, riding through a paper banner at 3 p.m.
Set aside the date, and RSVP to Can’t wait to see you!

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