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Crossing Paths- Events

We broke bread with our friends Keith and Melody last night and he mentioned they would be in Wisconsin for his parents’ 70th anniversary (70 years. How cool is that??) in June. The Little Woman and I glanced at one another. Nope. We’d be in Alaska.
Funny how people travel in circles, but what are the chances of both being at the same place at the same time? Yet some events trail the country, so certainly we could ’happen’ to cross paths.
Sure enough, we found a NASCAR race that met our needs. Go ahead, call us rednecks. Loudon, New Hampshire holds an event on September 23rd. Cool. We searched for other events. Aha! Arenacross, November 4-6 in Baltimore, Maryland. When I found it, I got all excited. Sherri wanted to know what was so great about Arenacross, and I related the story of a race I saw in Sacramento.
The events take place in smaller venues, and the courses are really tight. Fifteen bikes fighting for position into the first turn provides a thrill, and that night one guy took another racer out. The rider picked up his bike and rolled it off the track and waited on the side of the track. The next lap, he launched into the melee and t-boned the guy ‘s bike with his while the fellow was leading. The entire bunch of racers went down! The crowd went crazy, and I remember that wild event years later. Can’t wait.
Continuing our search, we found a Supercross race at Cowboy Stadium in Texas during February. Again, Supercross makes for an exciting spectator sport. I try to get near a big jump during the race to see just how high those guys jump, and they fly approximately thirty feet in the air. If you watch carefully, they tap their rear brake at the apex of the jump to stop the gyroscope effect, and the bike pitches forward and lands smoothly on the downhill side of the next jump. Amazing. And Cowboy Stadium, how cool is that?
The outdoor Motocross schedule finds them in New Berlin, New York on September first. We’ll be next door in Pennsylvania that week. Motocross is one of the few motor sports where the spectator can get close enough to feel the ground shake as the bikes thunder past. Idiots hang out outside of turns so the bikes can shower them with roost. That would be fun! (Not the roost, but the motocross race.)
We may have to adjust our schedule a bit.

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