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127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place

First, to clarify this book review, the author Aron Ralston, is an idiot. He set a goal to summit all 53 peaks over 14,000 feet in Colorado. That's a noble goal, but he decided to do it in winter- and solo.
This man has cheated death- literally- numerous times. Yet on a simple hike (for him) in Utah, he experienced a freak accident and his right arm got caught by a rock in a chasm. Again, being an idiot, he had neglected to tell anyone where he was going, so no search started for days.
He also wrote back-story of his life, and one event, in a overdose of arrogance, he skied down a bowl and initiated an avalanche that could have killed him and two friends- people who walked off the hill and never spoke to him again.
That arrogance made him neglect to tell friends and family his destination. Yet, being an idiot and getting into this situation, the man was a genius in keeping his wits about him and surviving over five days in captivity. How he managed to sever his arm from it's captivity with a knife that was unable to cut the bone is truly an act of genius. I'll leave that to the reader to see how he managed this. Also, in a tremendous application of serendipity, he cut his arm off and the clock was really ticking. He will not be able to walk out to his truck without dying. Yet he stumbled across help and a helicopter appeared in magnificent timing. A day sooner, or two or three days, and he would have walked to his death.

This book is an excellent read, very compelling. Would I have survived a saga like his? No way. But then again, I wouldn't have gotten into the situation like him either.
After recovering, Ralston continued his quest of finishing the 53 peaks continued, solo, in winter, with a prosthetic ice axe on his right hand.
As I said, he is an idiot.
Okay he conquered all 53. He is a genius.

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